Qatar Economic Forum 2024

Powered by Bloomberg, May 14-16, 2024, in Doha.

A World Remade: Navigating the Year of Uncertainty

 This year, more than 50 nations – representing half the world’s population – are bracing for elections that will decide our shared future and set the roadmap for global geopolitical risk, economic disruption and global trade and investment. This pivotal election year could be an inflection point, propelling the global economy on a new trajectory.

Held in Doha from May 14-16, the fourth Qatar Economic Forum, Powered by Bloomberg, will explore the issues driving global boardroom conversations and spotlight the Gulf’s rising prominence. In a region where ambition converges with capital, key states are strategically deploying wealth to enhance their global influence, diversify economies and gain international prominence. The Forum, an exclusive convening of diverse international perspectives, will explore the Gulf’s strategic standing as we navigate this year of uncertainty.