Decision making in context : HEC Paris in Qatar

What leaders need to know about how we make judgements : dates 17-18 February 2020 (Doha).

Making sound judgements is at the core of effective leadership

There are many simple recipes for making better decisions, appealing to leaders’ rationality and objectivity. But how do you make sound judgements in an increasingly unpredictable and interconnected work environment?

This program explores the effects on our judgement at an individual, group, and organizational level. More specifically, we will cover the following questions:

• What cognitive biases do we need to pay attention to in decision making?

• What are my personal tendencies and preferences in information processing and judgements?

• How do emotions affect our judgement?

• What biases exist in group judgements and how can we counter them?

• What can the team leader do to optimize collective decision making?

• How does the organizational culture affect our decisions in the workplace?

Location : Tornado Tower, West Bay Doha,

Dates : 17-18 February 2020

+974 4454 7467