Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali al-Thani envoie un message au peuple du Qatar

Le média Al Arabiya a publié un message du Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali al-Thani qui aspire à remplacer l’actuel émir du Qatar.

Message au peuple du Qatar

Abdullah bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-Thani :

By The Name of God, the merciful

My Brothers and Sons in beloved Qatar:

May peace, God’s blessing and mercy be upon you, hereafter:

Thank God, May prayers and peace be on prophet Mohamed, the noblest prophet and messenger.

Oh God, may we be of those who know the truth and follow it, and those who see the falsehood and avoid it; Make us a source of good and block evil.

I hurt deeply while watching the situation getting worse, it has reached to a point of direct incitement against the stability of the Gulf, interference in others affairs, which pushes us to a destiny that we do not want, as what happened in countries that entered the adventure tunnel, and ended in chaos and destruction with scattered losses.

According to the current situation; I call on the wise sons of the family, and the prestigious Qatari people to sit in a brotherly, family and national meeting to discuss the crisis, and what we would be able to do in order to get everything back on track, and enforce the Gulf cooperation.

Brothers, I do not do this as a way of pretending or showing off, but I was optimistic when I saw the support and facilitation provided to my people, and found opened doors. I met the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz twice, whom I found in him a deep care and concern for Qatar and its people’s safety, and it is also our responsibility not to keep silent in this crisis.

Please contact me privately on my E-mail:

We need to set time and place for the meeting, may God help us to serve our country and preserve our Gulf unity.

God is the supporter.

Oh, God, have I informed? For God is my witness.