The second Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate

The Emirates Policy Center (EPC) was established in Abu Dhabi on September 1, 2013.

November 1-2, 2015

Transformation in the Arabian Gulf region and the economic, political and security challenges faced by GCC countries are among the subjects that will be covered in the second Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate next month.

The two-day debate beginning on November 1 will also cover extremism, terrorism and the experiments with democracy in Egypt, Syria and Iraq, according to the Emirates Policy Centre. The Arab-Israeli conflict will be discussed to assess the approaches taken by the United States and other countries in dealing with the situation.

The debates aim to consolidate Abu Dhabi’s role as a centre for the exchange of ideas and provision of solutions, and to enhance policy-making in the region and globally.

Other topics will cover how the nuclear deal with Iran and lifting of sanctions may affect Gulf energy and oil markets.

It will also explore the prospects of increased investments by GCC countries in Africa and other emerging economies.

Developments to be debated are the oil crisis and the global economic crisis and its affect on Europe. The danger posed by foreign fighters and policies required to address the rise of groups such as ISIL will also be discussed, along with strengthening US, European and Middle Eastern allies’ efforts to counter extremism.


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