First Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate

The Emirates Policy Center (EPC) was established in Abu Dhabi on September 1, 2013.

October 18 – 20, 2014

Objective of the Debate
To reach a common understanding amongst international and regional actors about tendencies of regional and international powers, as well as enhance efforts of policy-making among those actors.

Nature of the Debate
To discuss the influential strategies and transformations in the region and the world. To this end, Emirates Policy Center (EPC) aspires to diversify its partners; thus, diversify its expertise by capitalizing on various international and regional research environments to achieve its objectives for holding this Annual Debate.

Premises of the Debate
In organizing ADSD and selecting its themes, EPC acts out of the conviction that the United Arab Emirates, GCC states and their strategic depth are not recipients of regional and international powers’ impact only, but are regional and international actors as well.

Issues to be discussed by the Debate

  • The Impact of the Major International Strategies and Security Visions in Shaping a Regional System in the   Gulf,
  • Major Powers’ Foreign Policy Towards the Gulf,
  • The Impact of Domestic Dynamics of Decision-Making on Key International Actors’ Foreign Policy Towards  the Gulf,
  • The Geopolitical Impact of Regional Powers’ Projects on the Gulf,
  • The Impact of Political Developments in Egypt on the Gulf,

The Impact of « hot spots » in the Region on the Gulf (Iraq, Syria, Yemen