Le 21 octobre 2017 cette exposition se termine, vous pouvez encore l’admirer à QM GALLERY KATARA.

La photographe Jessica Fulford-Dobson

She started work as a portrait photographer in 2000. Her photographs have since been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide, including the Telegraph Magazine and British Vogue, as well as being exhibited in New York, London and Prague.


Award winning photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson will present her series of striking portraits, Skate Girls of Kabul, which will tell the extraordinary story of Afghan girls who took up skateboarding, thanks to Skateistan, an Afghan charity that provides skate parks as a hook to get children from disadvantaged families back into the educational system. The series, viewed by more than 74,000 visitors during its two week run at London’s Saatchi Gallery, will bring to life the colourful, free flowing and full of life spirit of these young girls, that bring a new perspective and dimension to skateboarding culture.